Report Damage

Report Damage is a portal for freight managers of large companies to handle client damage reports and manage claims with carriers. I designed the logo, client dashboard, and promo page. I also built the promo page in Webflow and exported the files for the development team to connect to the dashboard they were building.

Project Overview

  • Client: Buildable, LLC
  • Design Tools: Figma, Adobe CC, Webflow
  • Lessons Learned: Webflow is the perfect tool for those who understand HTML & CSS but don't want to code websites from scratch.

Logo Design

The Report Damage logo is a sort of "crushed box" around the R and D. I went from more exaggerated ideas about damaged packages or items to something that reminds users of the purpose of the tool without outright showing the pain point.

I used Futura for a classic, no-frills, bold-letter font. I wanted to evoke the same feelings of trust users in this space might feel using other time-tested products and services.

Report Damage Logo

Webpage Design

After speaking with the client about his goals and target market, I aimed to create a captivating promotional page for the product. I wanted to effectively showcasing the product's key features and lead users to request a demo. The process began with conceptual sketches in my notebook, where I brainstormed ideas and visualized the layout. After that I moved to digital format using Figma, where I took feedback from the client. Then, I refined the design elements, color schemes, and typography.

After achieving the desired aesthetics and user experience, I transitioned the design into a fully functional website using Webflow. This web platform not only facilitates the creation of an engaging and responsive user interface but also offers a hassle-free export process. I was able to handoff the design to our development team and they added it to their work with minimal effort. The final result was a polished and impactful promotional page that perfectly links up with the product's dashboard.

website homepage screenshotwebsite homepage screenshotwebsite homepage screenshot

App Screenshots

dashboard screenshot
dashboard screenshot
dashboard screenshot
dashboard screenshot